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The Trump Tax Proposal: What You Need to Know

This week, the White House unveiled its tax plan, proposing to cut taxes across the board, relieve millions of people from paying income taxes, and streamline filing—all while keeping the budget in balance (or at least not making the situation worse). But are the plan’s promises possible to fulfill, and does it stand a chance of passing?

A Perfect Storm

In the wake of two of the worst storms the U.S. has ever seen many questions linger. We all grieve for the hardships these disasters have brought on millions of Americans, but we also share concerns over if this will have a significant negative impact on the economy.

Have Negative Interest Rates Come Home?

In 2014 the European Central Bank attempted to usher in an era of “easy money” by lowering their main interest rate below 0%.  This was an unprecedented event which lead to many countries across the globe with negative yields on their 10-year treasury notes. (If you’re interested in a quick primer you can always refer to our piece last year The World According To NIRP. While this madness was happening, many pundits wondered the impact this might have back home.  While the immediate impact wasn’t notable, one pundit, despite three rate hikes believes negative interest rates have come to America.



Equifax Breach

As part of our ongoing efforts to help keep your personal information as safe as possible, we want to remind you to stay on the lookout for the many security threats making the rounds in cyberspace today.   Over the past few months we have taken the sent out a few emails about Identity Theft and what happens after a Cyber Breach and you can check those out again at

Recently, we learned about a massive Equifax breach in which more than 143 million consumers (almost half the country!) may have had their information compromised, including:


Any time you’re thinking of putting money to work for you it’s important to know what to expect along the way. 

What Happens to Our Stolen Information After a Cyber Breach?

After a cyber breach, we tend to think in terms of what the victim needs to do next. Can any of the stolen data be protected after the fact? What can the victim do to secure confidential information going forward? But for a change, let’s talk about the crime from the cyber thief’s point of view. What does the crook do with our data once he or she has stolen it?

Market Volatility and Your Retirement Investing Strategy

Fluctuations in your 401(k) or workplace retirement savings account can stir up negative emotions, making you want to hit the panic button. But in turbulent times, it’s more important than ever to remain calm and stay on course toward your long-term retirement savings goals.

401k Loan Pitfalls

Taking a loan from your 401(k) can be tempting, but here are a few things to consider before taking one out. 

What is Wealth?

What makes someone wealthy? According to the Schwab Modern Wealth Survey almost half of Americans believe being wealthy is being able to spend money on experiences and things. Which makes sense; a nice car, house, watch and/or clothes are easy to notice.  On the other hand, asking a friend or colleague to see their bank account or 401k might be a little awkward and intrusive. Then again it might make for a great sociology experiment.  In that same survey only 27% people believe having a lot of money made someone wealthy. 

Rental Car Insurance

Every time you rent a car on a trip the friendly person at the desk asks if you would like to purchase insurance through them for your rental.